Are you ready to grow?

This training will provide the financial tools to assist in making more informed decisions. It reviews the financial aspects of any business to move the academic to the practical.

    Stay sharp! Learn the methods to analyze the information and convert the data to decision making tools.


    Setting financial goals requires planning and the understanding of the information provided by the financial statements


    Building your future requires an understanding of the future opportunities and the budgeting process to strategically plan for the outcomes.

Training outline and lessons

  • 2

    Numbers Tell the Story

    • Numbers tell the Story!

    • Starting at the Beginning-What are the Financial Statements?

    • Using Financial Statements to Analyze data for decision making

    • Accounting Method and their affect on the financial statements

    • Sources and Uses of Cash

    • The Complete Picture

    • Worksheets to evaluate your company's financial methods and porcesses

    • How are you keeping records?

  • 3

    Managing Cash through different cycles

    • Managing Cash through different Cycles

    • Cash Conversion and Operating Cycle-Understanding and Management

    • Working Capital-Truth or Myth

    • Inventory-What matters and what doesn't matter

    • The three legs of Inventory Control-Turnover, margin-profit

    • Cost of caring Inventory

    • Finding Hidden Cash

    • Risk of Cash Management

    • Where's the CASH

    • Cost of Default on accounts receivable

    • Accounts Payable

    • Cash management resources

  • 4

    Are you covering all your COSTS?

  • 5

    Is your company positioned for GROWTH?

About the Training

  • Move at your own pace

  • Many illustrations and exercises

  • Videos to help with the explanations

  • Unlimited access

  • Discount available on future training

  • $375

About the author

Neil Shnider MBA, CPA, CVA and The Shnider Group LLC have been in business for over 30 years applying and developing the methods and tools presented in this training. They have both academic and practical experience consulting with businesses and teaching in the university environment. Learn from the knowledge they want to share.