Do you want to buy a Business?

Are you making the right decision? Buying a business demands your time and effort. It requires bringing a professional team together to evaluate and analyze the information and data. Don't go it alone!

  • Do you have the interest and skills for the venure?

  • Is there room for you in the marketplace?

  • Are there barriers to enter into the marketplace?

  • Is your family ready for the challenge?

  • Have you uncovered the darkside?

  • Are your emotions making the decision?

Training Outline

This training will bring you the information to help in your decision

  • 1

    Buying a Business is EASY-Staying in Business requires WORK!

  • 2

    Methods to buy a business-Asset Sale, Stock Sale

    • Asset Sale

    • Stock Sale

    • Making the Offer

  • 3

    Methods to determine the Value of the Business

    • Balance Sheet Method-Asset Based Evaluation Method

    • Income Statement Analysis (Normalize or Recasting or Restating)

    • Calculation of Earnings Method

    • Discounted Future Earnings Method

    • Market Approach Method

  • 4

    Are you Bankable

    • How to finance a business venture

    • Who cares about a credit report and credit score?

It is time to learn the rest of the story of buying a business

Take the plunge. You will learn what you don't know

Meet the Instructor

The Shnider Group LLC

Neil Shnider MBA, CPA, CVA and The Shnider Group LLC have been in business for over 30 years applying and developing the methods and tools presented in this training. They have both academic and practical experience consulting with businesses and teaching in the university environment. Learn from the knowledge they want to share.