Budgeting-Why Spend the Time?

Course lessons and outline

Budgeting is an important function of a business

Budgeting provides insight, understanding and direction to plan resources for the future

  • Budgeting is an important process to any businesses strategic planning process

  • Using budgets to measure success can be misleading

  • Understanding the differences between a flexible and a fixed budget can make a difference in the decisions a business makes

  • Forecasting demand and revenue may be the most challenging aspect of budgeting

Neil Shnider, MBA, CPA, CVA

Neil Shnider MBA, CPA, CVA and The Shnider Group LLC have been in business for over 30 years applying and developing the methods and tools presented in this training. They have both academic and practical experience consulting with businesses and teaching in the university environment. Learn from the knowledge they want to share.