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  • We are entrepreneurs who have been where you want to be!

  • We have been where you are!

  • The Shnider Group LLC members have the academic credentials and practical experience to understand your needs and challenges to provide you with the financial understanding to assist in informed decisions.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • Spending money and not seeing desired results

  • Lack a financial plan

  • Unrealistic financial expectations

  • Difficulty in putting together a realistic budget

  • Not understanding your cost of doing business

  • Your costs are rising, what can be changed, what should be changed

  • Ignoring your budget or not understanding the valuable of a working budget

  • Inventory is growing, and cash is shrinking

  • Are you troubled with how to price your products/services?

  • Is discounting shrinking your cash or growing your business?

Our Advantage = Your Advantage

We put the entrepreneur first

We make the content relevant and usable

We put the practical into learning

We put the concepts and ideas into action

We put the learning into applied understanding and knowledge


“Neil, we were fortunate to have you serve, as our featured speaker. Your stellar delivery on the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) exceeded our program goals. Your *unique* expertise and professionalism cannot be compared!!”

Patrice Dozier, Economic Development Specialist, SBA Georgia District Office, U.S. Small Business Administration

“The Shnider Group’s online training program is an incredible, cost-effective resource for business owners or anyone looking to enhance their business acumen. The trainings are comprehensive yet succinct, up to date, and the content is easily digestible and practical regardless of your experience level. I gladly recommend the program for anyone interested in learning more about running their own business.”

Rob Wilkinson, Director of Finance and Administration, Entech, Business IT Specialists

“Neil, Thank you again very much for providing such insightful, useful, and practical information for learning on Buying a Business that I obtained with your online Learning Program. It was extremely helpful in giving me specific items I need to consider when Buying an existing enterprise. Your suggestions on assessing the pros and cons of a Stock vs Asset purchase was especially helpful. Your website is an outstanding resource for all things Entrepreneurial.

I find you to be an exceptional Leader with “hands on” working knowledge and experience in being a Small Business Owner."

Harry Looknanan Jr., JPMorgan Chase

“We have worked with a business coach in the past who has tried to change our business model without having an understanding of the culture of our business.  Neil was different.  Neil quickly gained an understanding of our business culture and immersed himself in the business from a practical standpoint, not a theoretical one.  He has helped our business tremendously by acting as our CFO and Business Strategist.  He quickly mastered our accounting methodology and began to work on tactical enhancements while delivering to us a realistic assessment of our current business conditions.  No sugar coating, just direct "tell it like it is" advice which is highly respected and critical to our success”

Barbara Garfold, Lahaina Island Accommodations

“Your classes were very informative, I have been involved with a number of trainers, but, you are by far the most knowledgeable and personable”

Jerre Bess, Director of Finance, The Ohio Civil Rights Commission


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